Carrie Pfenning, Owner
Carrie Pfenning is an alumnus of The Boston Conservatory of Music where she majored in dance from 1992-1996. At The Conservatory she studied not only dance technique, but also took years of course studies in Alexander Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, and Dance Pedagogy. Carrie also graduated from Lesley University with a degree in Human Development and Education, and taught Early Education for 7 years. Teaching Pilates has been the perfect blend of her passions for movement and education. Carrie has been practicing Pilates for the past 20 years, since 2002. She has been taking lessons weekly with Pamela Garcia since 2005 and regularly attends workshops, seminars and conferences. Her practice and quest to continue to learn comes from a strong belief that you cannot grow in your teaching if you are not growing in your own practice.

Carrie completed her first certification in 2004 (a 600 hour Stott-based instructor training program) and began teaching 18 years ago in 2004. After that program she became a professional member of the Pilates Method Alliance and passed their national exam in 2006. After being introduced to classical Pilates during this time, Carrie found that not only did it make more sense to teach Pilates as a system (as Mr Pilates did), and that her body and her students bodies benefitted considerably more than the contemporary approaches to pilates she had experienced before.

Carrie completed her 500 hour comprehensive certification with Peak Pilates in 2007, enabling her to teach the classical Pilates Method to all levels of students.

In 2013 she completed The United States Pilates Association’s teacher training program under the direction of Brett Howard, making her a Third Generation teacher. This 600 hour program and apprenticeship earned Carrie a certification under The New York Pilates Teacher Certification Program; the original school of Pilates.

In addition to all of her Pilates education, in 2017 Carrie completed the basic level of a Swiss course of study called Spiraldynamiks*, which explores how to encourage the natural spirals of the body in all areas of activity to reduce imbalance and overuse patterns that lead to chronic pain and injury. 

She was a Teacher Trainer for Peak Pilates from 2014-2019, and has also been filmed as a student on Pilatesology.

Carrie has taken workshops from Elder Lolita San Miguel and continues to attend workshops and actively study with many Second Generation teachers who learned from Romana Kryzanowska, such as Joy George, Clare Dunfy Hemani, Brett Howard, David Freeman, Peter Fiasca, Kathi Ross Nash, MeJo Wiggin, Junghee Won, Michael Fritzke, Ton Voogt and Alycea Ungaro. 

 Carrie is excited to share her love of movement and Authentic Pilates with you. Whether you are interested in Pilates for getting in shape, reducing pain, or bringing balance to your body and mind - welcome to The Pilates Room!


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Erica Anderson, Instructor
Erica Anderson became a Cape Cod “wash ashore” at the ripe old age of two and has called the Cape her home ever since. She lives in Centerville with her husband, sons, dogs, chickens and cat on what she lovingly calls “The Anderson Farm”. Throughout her childhood, Erica took dance lessons and later attended Emerson College as a dance and theatre arts major. Mind/body movement and fitness have been lifelong passions. As luck would have it, Erica had the good fortune to bump into Carrie Pfenning who was an old friend and former dance company colleague. Carrie invited Erica to take lessons at The Pilates Room where Erica immediately fell in love with the movement system. Soon after beginning lessons with Carrie, Erica decided to pursue her Pilates teacher certification. In 2017 she completed her teacher training which consisted of 500 hours of instruction, practice and testing to receive her comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates. She has been  a Pilates instructor both at the Pilates Room in Marstons Mills and at The Pilates School formerly in Harwich. During her tenure, Erica has worked with teenagers through octogenarians, and with students with a variety of physical limitations. and experience with Pilates. This is exactly why Erica is so passionate about Pilates- it's a method designed to bring positive mental and physical benefits to all ages and abilities. She would love to meet you at “The Room” for an hour of self care!
Toby, Studio Sidekick 

Toby is our official greeter, and studio Sidekick! He has a heart of gold, wonderful manners, a smile for everyone and no fur dander for people who are sensitive to it. If you aren't comfortable around dogs, his feelings won't be hurt. Just let us know and we will make arrangements for him to give you some space. Toby has great energy, a personality to match and is a valuable part of the team at The Pilates Room!