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Trios at The Pilates Room

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Take a peek at our current schedule; contact us to reserve your class! We would love to see you.
Trio Lessons

 What exactly happens in a trio at our studio? These classes are designed to put you in an intimate group of people who are a good fit for you as a mover, so you will always be safe but challenged. When you are in a trio at The Room you are still going to have a system approach to Pilates, we work on the reformer, mat, wunda chairs, small barrels and tower. Because we are offering a small group experience, you will always receive personal corrections, modifications and exercise choices that are appropriate just for you and what you need that day. We are able to get to know you, your body and what you need, so we can help you meet your health and fitness goals. Trio classes not only give you what your body needs, they are a wonderful way to connect with others in a small setting. We have a ton of fun while we work hard! You are always welcome to build your own class with a couple of friends if the classes open on our schedule don't work for yours...this kind of self care is worth sharing! 

Virtual Classes

During the pandemic we had a fabulous time staying together while apart in our online Pilates Zoom. In fact, we loved these classes so much we are keeping a couple on the schedule! These classes feature our beloved Classical Mat order but offers so much more. Depending on the day, we are using light weights for strength training, exploring Joe's standing work to get our heart rates up, playing with Reformer and Cadillac exercises on the mat, and really focus on stretching out to get the 'work from home' kinks out. These classes are incredibly easy to get into, fun to do and provide a consistency and connection that has gotten everyone incredibly strong. Even if you aren't on the Cape in the off season, you can still come into our Zoom and be with us from anywhere! Contact us to get started!

4/1/23 ~Zoom classes are, for now, being discontinued.Come see us at the studio!


Safety Protocols

The health and safety of everyone who comes in to our studio has always been our highest concern, never more so than now. We see keeping everyone healthy to the best of our ability as a collaborative process. We are making masks, hand washing and sanitizer, and cleaning products available, while keeping open air ventilation accessible, with our equipment  generously spaced more than 6 feet apart. When transmission rates are high locally, we do require masks to be worn in the studio by all. 

We ask that you wash your hands when you come into the studio, and stay home if you have

 any cold symptoms, or if you are a close contact of someone Covid positive. We are thankful for your contributions to our studio community!

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