Trios at The Pilates Room

Take a peek at our current schedule; contact us to reserve your class! We would love to see you, either in the studio, or remotely this summer.
We're Open

We are excited to be open again! It's been a long year + for all of us and we truly appreciate all of your support, patience and kindnesses. If you have your own equipment at home, we are still happy to schedule your own class virtually. With the simple actions of washing your hands upon arrival, wearing socks, staying distant and masking up (if you aren't vaccinated), we can create a healthy environment for everyone while you get a great workout. We promise to continue to space the apparatus, keep an open air flow for healthy ventilation, and provide appropriate cleaning products. With all of us working together we will have a great 2021! 

Virtual Classes

During the pandemic we have had a fabulous time staying together while apart in our online Pilates Zoom. In fact, we love them so much we are keeping a couple on the schedule. These classes feature our beloved Classical Mat order but offers so much more. Depending on the day, we are using light weights for strength training, exploring Joe's standing work to get our heart rates up, playing with Reformer and Cadillac exercises on the mat, and really focus on stretching out to get the 'work from home' kinks out. These classes are easy to get into, fun to do and provide a consistency and connection that has gotten everyone incredibly strong. Even if you aren't able to visit the Cape this summer, you can still come into our Zoom and be with us from anywhere! Contact us to get started!


         ​Apparatus Trios

Apparatus Classes are a blast! In these intimate classes of three, we learn exercises on the Reformer, Mat, Tower,Small Barrels and Wunda Chairs. You will have a complete, invigorating experience with Pilates as a system in this class.(In fact, this is more like personal training than a class.) We love the Mat exercises so much we take the time to help you to love them too! Mat or Reformer generally starts this lesson off, but then we work on the other pieces of equipment in the room; which is where we work on things you personally need to build strength and endurance or get more stretch. All of our classes are leveled, so we can keep you challenged yet safe. We are so excited to be able to bring you such a personalized experience; we get to know who you are and what you need to work towards your goals. Because we have so much to choose from in the studio, you will always feel challenged, but we are able to offer modifications if needed. These groups are a monthly commitment. Three students are needed to start a class,so if the classes already on the schedule don't work for your busy life, just grab two friends and create your own!