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The Story Behind The Studio

After working at several local Cape Cod studios (as well as one on the South Shore) the first two years of my teaching career, I decided to start teaching out of my house full time in the Fall of 2006. It made sense, since I still had my youngest at home and I needed my schedule to be flexible for him. I put one reformer in the room above my garage, and The Pilates Room was born. After a few months, I put another reformer in that room and started teaching mat classes too. It was a perfect way to connect with my friends and neighbors while introducing them to the Pilates Method. Then something wonderful happened...Pilates does such great things for the mind, body and spirit that my friends wanted their friends to try. And they told two friends~ you get the idea. Before I knew it, my little room above my garage had become a place for people to not only make healthy exercise choices for themselves, but a place that they could support each other in all ways.The community outgrew the room, in fact it has outgrown several rooms, but I have always tried to maintain that feeling of the original room in my house. My hope is that the studio will always be a place where everyone is accepted the second they walk in, regardless of fitness level, age or condition. It's been very inspiring to see the community that has grown out of that room, and to see the growth, changes to, and relationships between my students that have grown from the support that happens here when you show up, work and laugh together. I'm excited to see you in our 'Room'. - Carrie

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The Pilates Room is a fully equipped studio, so your workout will be challenging, safe and fun. We use Gratz apparatus, to give you the most authentic Pilates workout you could ask for.

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