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Private Instruction at

The Pilates Room


We love teaching individual lessons here at The Pilates Room because Pilates was meant to be done one on one! While taking a private lesson at the studio you'll see exactly what we mean. During your lesson you will have access to all that our fully equipped studio has to offer. The benefit you will receive when you have 100% of the instructors energy and attention is priceless.

In these lessons we can take the time to personalize your experience, giving your body not only what it needs, but what feels good, and enhance what you are already successful with. It's all about you! Take some time for yourself. Quiet your mind while you challenge your body~ you'll be so glad you did!

If you don't want to go it alone or want to share this experience with a friend; we also offer semi private lessons! 

In our luxurious studio you will enjoy unmatched privacy in our beautiful space with one of our highly qualified instructors. Your focused lesson of 50 minutes could include the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Baby Chair and Pedi- Pul. You will also have the chance to work with some of the lessor known, smaller apparatus such as the Sandbag, Foot Corrector, Toe Gizmo, Breathacizer, and the 2x4. All of our equipment is built by Gratz, to bring you the most authentic experience we can, in the most intimate environment we can give you. 

If you aren't local, staying remote or don't feel ready to come into the studio yet we are happy to offer online lessons. These lessons have been a great way to stay connected and get an amazing workout. Whether you have apparatus at home, or are doing a deep dive into the mat work (the mat order makes you STRONG) these 45 minute lessons are able to give you an extraordinary experience. Call us to schedule your lessons this summer from anywhere!

***Our schedule for June and July is full at this time. Please check back in with us in August or let us know if you'd like to be on our waitlist.***


Private Lesson Pricing

$95 in the Studio/ $80 for Online Lessons

Pay for your private studio lessons monthly: 

1x/week $360 (4 lessons)

2x/week $680 (8 lessons)

Semi-Private Lesson Pricing

 Online Lessons ($40 each)

Studio Lessons ($55 each)

Monthly payment option for semi-privates:

1x/week $200 (4 lessons)

2x/week $385 (8 lessons)

**We promise that we will never charge you for a missed or canceled lesson as long as we are given 24 hours notice.


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